Tips on engaging customers through effective content creation

Tips on engaging customers through effective content creation

The digital world has changed the way we conduct our business, now more than ever companies are relying on content creation to attract and retain potential customers as well as increase leads. With content marketing, companies can build up their social media presence, website and other elements of branding in hopes of driving long-term growth. In the world we are living today it’s important to communicate with your customers. One of the main reasons why some businesses have failed is due to the fact that they failed to engage with their customers. Engaging with your customer builds up trust as it shows that you care about their wants and needs. In addition, content creation builds a good reputation for your business and increases customer’s trust while also attracting new potential customers through word of mouth marketing. If your website lacks engaging and compelling content, how much could this be costing your company?

Here is a list of tips to help you engage your customers through effective content creation.

1. Understand the ideal channels and content for your posts

It’s important to understand the ideal channels and content for your post when you’re first starting to plan your editorial calendar for your content strategy, it is essential to always consider which channels your target audiences are on and which pieces are best used on each channel. Since the inception of Facebook in 2004 more social media channels have been launched from LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and now TikTok have made it easier to engage with customers online and offline.

2. Create engaging and valuable social media content

Companies and organisations have found that creating content is good as it helps to reach new customers and helps audiences understand new trends, complex industry topics and the company’s products is an ideal content strategy for customer engagement. Not only that but it also keeps them up to date with what’s happening in the organisation and company. Creating content that is engaging for example DIY videos, guides, tips, education, informational blogs is an ideal content strategy for customer engagement. You can then post and share them on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube allows you to showcase your products to your customers. Video marketing content is very popular and is highly demanded by customers. It’s another way to reach new and potential customers. According to research in 2016, about 69% of companies state that video marketing has increased their sales therefore this has made companies see the potential in video marketing content. A good content strategy allows you to create trust and loyalty with your customers.

3.Build Community

With online communities and forums you are able to engage with your customers by answering their questions, having discussions on current events that are related in your industry, keeping them updated, and sharing information that they care about and are looking for. Popular social media channels also offer online forums from Facebook Groups, LinkedIn groups and Pinterest are now giving companies and organisations such as NGOs the opportunity for them to create their own online groups where they are able to engage with their customers who are already on the social media channels.

4. Repurposing Old Content

Another great way to engage with your customers is repurposing old content. You can always pull an old content e.g. informative blog post and turn them into engaging, valuable tweets or Facebook posts. Resurrecting old content and giving it a fresh spin is a great way to get people engaged with the content they may already have been exposed to previously by adding new information in the content you can always spice it up!

5. Call To Action

Can a call to action be engaging? According to Andrew Gough’s case study “Call to Actions are deceptively powerful and yet often overlooked” With a call to action, your customers know exactly what to do next. This makes your content logical and also doubles your chances of return on leads. Social media CTA’s are an important way to create engagement within your various social media platforms. A CTA or call to action is part of your caption or post that tells your viewers what their next action should be. Call to actions are important for two reasons: they encourage engagement and it gets people from your social media platforms to your website to make a sale, read a post or to sign up for your email list. Furthermore when it comes to posting relatable and valuable content, a call to action makes your posts push a little further. With a call to action this is an opportunity to tell your audience what they should do next after they have read your post. This includes likes, comments and answers to questions. The best part is that it can be used on any social media platform!

6. Use Technology to your advantage

Technology for instance Life ray, allows you to modify your website to the needs and preference of each individual with targeted information and segment identification, giving your visitors exactly what they’re looking for, for instance Amazon if you have been searching for a certain items like headphones or clothes for the past 5 minutes, to make life easier for the customer, Amazon created a section “recommended for you” from there you will find what you are looking for. This has played out well for Amazon as it was able to produce an additional 10% to 30% more revenue. This is not only beneficial for the company but it also increased customer engagement. Due to this engagement strategy, according to Amazon, 44% of consumers in 2015 started their product searches on Amazon. When using technology, make sure to stay ahead of the curve and not behind it. You won’t find success without it.

At Abel and Fernandes we always want the best for our clients. We specialize in a strategic hybrid of traditional PR, SEO, Social Media and Media content. We blend in with different elements that get your story across in a visually engaging way. Therefore, keep in mind that it’s important to always listen to your customers, you will find that a highly reputable model for developing effective content to your customers is good for your business. When you are passionate about a topic, it’s easy to let that enthusiasm shine through your content and have your customers empathize with it. If you want your business to succeed over the long term, you have to be willing to engage your customers in meaningful conversation both online and offline. Engagement is the difference between a transactional relationship and a more genuine, personal connection, the kind that leads to customer loyalty and brand advocacy. As a result of customers believing in you, they’re much more likely to recommend your products and services.


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