A combination of local knowledge and international reach.

East African Community

East Africa is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive regions to do business on the continent. For companies to succeed in such a fast growing market place they need partners with local knowledge and international reach.


With over 20 years’ experience working across digital and broadcast media we are perfectly poised to help you take full advantage of the opportunities the increased collaboration between East African nations will provide.

People, places and Politics

We understand the people, places and politics of the region and are uniquely placed to provide integrated marketing solutions for our clients to reach their audience in a language they understand.


Home of our corporate head office Tanzania is one of only a handful of African countries to have peaceful transfers of power since gaining independence in 1961, making it one of the most socially and politically stable countries on the continent.


Widespread infrastructure improvements have added value to traditional industries like agriculture and tourism, provided impressive growth in the industrial sector and laid the groundwork for the Oil and Gas led energy revolution.


In this fertile business environment we provide international companies and their local partners a full suite of marketing solutions to manage their image and communicate their goals both home and abroad.


With a growing patchwork of startups and innovation centers Kenya is the undisputed tech hub of Africa. Nairobi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is already home to several hundred digital business’ – coalescing around the multi-billion dollar IT infrastructure project Konza Techno City – that are finding their products and ideas migrating out of the Silicon Savannah into the rest of the country, the region and the world.


In this new market there’s a need for new marketing solutions.


Players on the inside and outside of the tech revolution need a partner to bring together the disparate skills needed to survive and thrive in this new connected Africa. Whether website design & build, media planning & buying, SEO, copywriting or social media coverage we have the inhouse expertise to help you take full advantage of Kenya’s tech revolution.


As one of the most urbanised countries in sub saharan Africa Zambia is well placed to take advantage of the technological boom taking place in the region. Increased connectivity and the development of hubs and incubators like BongoHive bode well for increased efficiency and profitability from the mining and manufacturing sectors (on which it relies on less and less).


As the economy continues to diversify from the traditional powerhouses, innovators and investors look to take advantage of the ever growing skilled workforce.


Sectors that complement the established industries continue to grow. Rated as the 7th best country in Africa to do business, smart companies are looking to engage with those who can enhance their chance of success. Whether you want to reach manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or customers we can help you build relationships and communicate your vision.


Riding high on the technology boom in the region a new breed of Ugandan technologists are spreading their wings. Innovation and incubator hubs like HiveColab in Kampala are providing entrepreneurs with the connections and capital to develop the tools to help Uganda increased its education and business opportunities.


As we’ve seen all over the region these innovations compliment new and existing industries. The introduction of mobile financing and solar energy plants further power the Ugandan economy providing an environment where the smart and the bold can grow an International reputation…if they can market themselves properly. As a full service marketing agency that deals with all aspects of the advertising process, including planning, design, placement, production, public relations, sales promotions, and direct marketing we’ve got you covered.


One of Africa’s success stories Rwanda has been transformed over the last 20 years. It has effectively combated corruption, has the lowest violent crime rate on the continent, a stellar environmental record, promoted gender equality and boasts 8% economic growth over the last decade.


These advances have drawn International praise and provide a solid platform for increased development and opportunity.


As seen with the 8.5 MW utility sized solar field at the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village – that only took 12 months to complete – Rwanda has become a place where projects large and small can be developed and deployed efficiently making it attractive to local entrepreneurs and multinationals looking to get a foothold in the region.


Companies looking to take advantage of this economic miracle need savvy marketing to stand out. Our blend of Public Relations services will help you get your message to the 11 million Rwandans in rural and urban communities.


Africa’s second most populous country and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Ethiopia has enjoyed remarkable expansion with gross domestic product (GDP) growing by an average 10.9% in the past decade.


With an increasing number of its young population graduating from higher education centres Ethiopia is set to continue this upward trend as more and more people of working age enter the workforce.


Significant investment to support Ethiopian entrepreneurs seeking to add value to coffee, cotton, textile, leather and other commodities has the nation poised to become a manufacturing powerhouse in the region.


With its large domestic market and steady increase in exports companies need marketing strategies that speak to it’s customers home and abroad. Abel and Fernandes is perfectly suited to execute a wide range of solutions for companies looking to communicate to different generations wherever they may be.