Service Industry

It is no surprise that with it’s World Heritage sites, exotic wildlife and areas of outstanding natural beauty tourism is still a big player in the makeup of East Africa’s economy. In an already saturated market companies need to be able to communicate what makes them special.

These days sophisticated consumers have ample opportunity to research potential providers. With that much competition you need to make sure there is information out there to be researched. The same applies for the customer facing industries that support tourism providing retail, transport and accommodation.


However it is not just enough to get your name out there. Developing relationships with other providers who can support your company by providing supplementary services that drive your core business is a sure route to success.


Perhaps most importantly, with no tangible goods on offer the service providers live or die on their reputation. One loose tweet can ruin the reputation you have worked so hard to build. Our expert Reputation Management can help you mitigate any fall out from one uncharacteristically bad day at the office.